The Godfather

Biography excerpt – The Godfather

Colonel Apis - The GodfatherThree soldiers are executed by firing squad in a trench at dawn. The time is 1917. The place is Salonika. Colonel Apis wrote beforehand:

Although sentenced to death by two competent courts, and deprived of the mercy of the Crown, I die innocently, and in the conviction that my death is necessary to Serbia for higher reasons.

Colonel Apis meets his fate

Dragutin Dimitrijevic | Colonel ApisThe role of Colonel Apis in the assassination of Franz Ferdinand remains disputed, as does much else about him.

Colonel ‘Apis’ (Dragutin Dimitrevic, 1877 to 1917) was an officer in Serbian military intelligence who planned and took part in previous assassinations, including that of his own sovereign, King Alexander, in 1903.

He was a leading member of the Black Hand, a Serbian secret society, which was dedicated to the unification of Serbia and Bosnia and which funded and equipped the Sarajevo attentat.